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Get ready for a day filled with camaraderie and fun team challenges!

  • Date: 4/11/2020 09:00 PM
  • Location 1684 Wildrose Lane, Detroit, MI (Map)


Yesterday, our sales team(SHENZHEN) took a well-deserved break from the office and spent an unforgettable day bonding and building stronger connections. We believe that a strong team is the foundation of a successful business and what better way to strengthen that foundation than by spending quality time together? 🤝

🏖️ Set against the beautiful backdrop of the sea beach, we kicked off our team-building day with a variety of exciting team sports. The friendly competition brought out the best in everyone, showcasing our team's incredible spirit and determination. 🏐

🍖 As the day progressed, we gathered around for a mouth-watering BBQ, sharing laughter and stories over delicious food. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie, as we enjoyed each other's company and celebrated our collective achievements. 🎉

📸 Here are some snapshots of our fantastic day together. We hope these pictures inspire you to invest in team-building activities for your own organization! Swipe through the album and experience the joy and unity of our team. ➡️

At Xide Group, we understand the importance of nurturing a positive work environment and fostering strong relationships among our team members. We're proud to have such a dedicated and passionate group of individuals, and we can't wait to see what we'll achieve together in the future! 💪