Xide Group and LC Waikiki: A Partnership Defining the New Era of Sustainable Fashion

In today's increasingly conscious society, the call for sustainable practices reaches far and wide, touching all corners of the industry, including fashion. Answering this call with unwavering commitment and innovative brilliance is Xide Group, a leading umbrella manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. Known for our relentless dedication to sustainability, we've partnered with one of the most established names in the global apparel industry – LC Waikiki.

LC Waikiki, an eminent French brand with a rich history dating back to 1988, found its roots in Paris before growing exponentially in Istanbul under the management of Taha Group. Renowned for their ingenuity and fashionable designs, LC Waikiki has set an unmatched standard in affordable clothing. Their vision of being one of Europe's top three apparel brands is driven by the mission that "Everyone Deserves to Dress Well". Today, they boast a net sale of 111.9 billion TL, approximately 55 thousand employees, 1.1 billion USD exports and more than 1200 stores globally.
This groundbreaking partnership between Xide Group and LC Waikiki aims to redefine the paradigms of sustainable fashion. Leveraging our plastic-free umbrella manufacturing expertise and LC Waikiki's global retail prowess, we aim to introduce customers to a new era of eco-friendly products without compromising on style or affordability.
Over the years, Xide Group has been at the forefront of pioneering sustainable products. We introduced China's first-ever plastic-free umbrella and are also the first to supply GRS-certificated Aluminium umbrellas in Shenzhen. Our innovative strides go beyond just product development; they represent our comprehensive commitment towards building a future where sustainability is not just an option but a norm.
The alliance with LC Waikiki extends this commitment further into the world of fashion retail. As we join forces, we promise our customers not just an impressive range of products but also a chance to be a part of the global sustainability movement.
As an esteemed customer, your support aids us in this journey towards a more sustainable future. By choosing our products, you are directly contributing to the health of our planet. Your investment in our plastic-free umbrella or GRS-certificated Aluminium umbrella supports the reduction of single-use plastic waste, promotes responsible consumption, and helps us take impactful steps towards the well-being of our planet.
Join us as we embark on this journey of creating a future where innovation and sustainability coexist. Embrace this change with us - one umbrella at a time.
Xide Group – Innovating for a Sustainable Future in partnership with LC Waikiki.
For more information about our plastic-free umbrellas, GRS-certificated Aluminium umbrellas or our partnership with LC Waikiki, do not hesitate to contact us.