John Zhang


John Zhang is the Founder of the team, providing visionary leadership and strategic direction.

Alvin Mou


As a Co-Founder, Alvin Mou plays a key role in strategic decision-making and business development.

Bella Wen

Supply Chain Director

As the Supply Chain Director, Bella Wen establishes and maintains relationships with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of materials for production.

Ellie Zhu

Public Relations Director

Ellie Zhu plays a crucial role in maintaining a positive public image for the team as the Public Relations Director.

Dan Yang

Chief Financial Officer

In the role of Chief Financial Officer, Dan Yang collaborates closely with other members of the executive team to align financial strategies with overall business objectives, ensuring that financial decisions support the company's growth and sustainability.


Ambassador to the United States

SHERI HAMMONDS serves as the primary point of contact for all matters related to our organization's presence in the United States in her role as Ambassador.